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At the current time our lessons are only offered to those who are 12 years or older. 

English Direct Group Lessons

English Direct courses consist of 12 levels (stages), where the 1st level is for A0 (Beginner) and the 12th level for C1 (Advanced). The courses are designed to improve your understanding of spoken English. The main focus of the course is on speaking, listening and pronunciation.

In an English Direct General English Course you will:

  1. Learn to listen and respond to English spoken at normal conversational speed.

  2. Learn to think and speak directly into English without first translating.

  3. Learn practical, useful vocabulary and grammar structures.

  4. Improve your pronunciation, intonation and grammar skills every day with constant correction by the teacher.

  5. Check your understanding and progress with regular reading and writing practice.

  6. Receive maximum speaking practice in small classes of no more than 5 students.

  7. Speak 90% of the lesson.

* See some of the knowledge that is learned in each level at the bottom of this page.

Group lessons are held twice a week on Monday and Wednesday or on Tuesday and Thursday. One lesson a week is with a Ukrainian teacher the other lesson with an American teacher.

* The time to complete a level (stage) will vary, as the number of units in a level can be different. For example level 1 has 9 units, level 3 has 16 units, level 4 has 20 units, level 6 has 17 units, etc.

* English Direct group lessons are 60 minutes.

Twice a Week

Mon / Wed,

Tue / Thu
17:00, 18:10, 19:20, 20:30

Cost UAH

2 - 3
2 x week
1 month
1200 1200
4 - 8
9 - 12
2 x week
1 month
1300 1400

Individual General English Lessons

If you prefer to study alone we can offer you an individual lesson. You will get all the benefits of our group lessons but with only you in the class you will be able to move through the levels much faster.

With an individual lesson you can:

  1. Choose the time of your lesson.
  2. Choose the day of your lesson.
  3. Choose how often you study. 1, 2, 3 times a week, etc.

Want to study with a friend or two friends? Semi-individual lessons can also be had at a discounted price.

* Individual lessons can be scheduled in the morning and afternoon, or when there are no group lessons.

* Individual and semi-individual conversation lessons are also available.

* Lessons are priced for 60 minutes.

Cost UAH

  Native English Teacher Ukrainian Teacher
levels 1 - 4
levels 5 +
1 person
4 lessons
1400 800 / 1000
1 person
8 lessons
2600 1500 / 1800
2 people
4 lessons
2250 1300 / 1500
2 people
8 lessons
3650 2100 / 2400
3 people
4 lessons
2950 1700 / 1900
3 people
8 lessons
4700 2700 / 3100

Conversation Lessons

Our conversation lessons with a native speaker are based on current news articles which will enable the students to not only learn new vocabulary but also discuss current events.

The conversation lessons mainly consist of:

  1. Conversations about topics related to the article.

  2. Learning and discussing the vocabulary.

  3. Reading a short article.

  4. Discussing the article.

Conversation (situational) lessons are also available with our Ukrainian teacher for those who are at lower levels or not quite confident in there English speaking ability yet.

* Individual or semi-individual conversation lessons can be scheduled from Monday - Saturday when there are no group lessons.

* 60 minute lessons.

Conversation Cost UAH

  Native English Teacher
4 - 12
Ukrainian Teacher
1 person
1 lesson
350 200
1 person
4 lessons
1300 700
2 - 4 people
1 lesson
250 each 100 each

Business Course

English Direct business course gives you the opportunity to make rapid progress, thanks to our 100% practice-oriented teaching method, which is based on listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Our business course offers you the following:

  1. Introduction to and practice of over 700 new words that are used in commercial English, including vocabulary, the most useful phrasal verbs, phrases, technical business terms, idioms, and everyday language used in the workplace.

  2. Presentation and practice of terms used to describe the results of a company and the financial aspects of a business.

  3. Exercises to review essential points of grammar.

  4. Exercises to develop email writing skills.

  5. Results right from the start.

  6. A 100% practice-oriented focus.

  7. Accelerated conversational method.

The business course follows the same methodology as the general English course. You need to have a B2, or higher, level of English (stage 10) in order to take this course.

* Business lessons can be scheduled in the morning or afternoon, when there are no group lessons.

* Lessons are priced for 60 minutes.

Cost UAH

    Native English Teacher
1 person
4 lessons
1 person
8 lessons
2 people
4 lessons
2 people
8 lessons
3 people
4 lessons
3 people
8 lessons

Some of the knowledge that is learned in each General English Level:

Level 1 - Students learn how introduce themselves to new people and describe everyday things in their immediate environment (A1.1).

Level 2 - Students learn how to distinguish between actions that are happening now and repeated or habitual actions. They also learn how to express possession and quantity (A1.2).

Level 3 - Students learn how to describe different qualities and communicate the way in which actions are performed. They also learn how to refer to actions in the past (A2.1).

Level 4 - Students learn how to talk about the future, and actions that have happened up to now. They also learn how to communicate intentions and possibilities (A2.2).

Level 5 - Students learn how to talk about actions that were happening at a specific point in the past, and actions that were affecting the subject as opposed to the object. They learn how to talk about a sequence of events in the past (B1.1.1).

Level 6 - Students learn to report what others tell them. They learn how to communicate the causes of events, in addition to expressing the duration of actions in the past, present, and future (B1.1.2).

Level 7 - Students learn how to use many common phrases, phrasal verbs, and idioms. By this point they have learned to understand a native speaking normally and are able to maintain an extended conversation (B1.2.1).

Level 8 - Students learn how to use more idioms accurately, and express much more complicated concepts and experiences. They also learn how to express more precise ideas about necessity and ability. The student can talk with a colleague, and can understand texts on well-known subjects (B1.2.2).

Level 9 - Students learn how to use a much wider variety of natural speaking. They also learn to understand and use increasingly complex language and ideas. Students can now survive in a professional context abroad, are able to communicate ideas and opinions and to understand a group of different speakers (B2.1).

Level 10 - Students learn to use well-known language in much more precise forms. They also learn to describe different levels of probability, and more combinations of causes and possible consequences. Students now know how to make telephone calls, translate documents and write letters correctly (B2.2).

Level 11 - Students learn to express themselves clearly and understand a high-level of English, both spoken and written. Students can now understand the language in any context and take part in group discussions. They can participate in meetings and make oral presentations (C1.1).

Level 12 - By this stage, students will be expressing themselves at the same level as a native English speaker. Students now know how to take notes and compile reports. Students can work abroad effectively (C1.2).

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