About Our School

We cannot control the speed at which a native English speaker speaks on television, in films, in the shops or in the streets. This speed can cause misunderstanding and communication problems for someone who isn’t a native speaker.

For a student to learn English quickly and to learn it well, they must learn to understand and respond to English when it is spoken at normal speed.

Hello my name is Michael and welcome to English Direct,

English Direct was started because of a need. A need for students to speak English fluently.

I am a TEFL certified English teacher from the USA with a university degree in education. I have a lot of experience teaching English in different countries using different methods.

Having taught English in Dnipro, I had too many students who knew vocabulary and grammar but had a barrier when it came to speaking in English.

It became clear that it was time for a new alternative way to learn English. To be exact, the method we use at English Direct.

I first learned about this method while teaching in Italy (Rome and the Vatican). There I became an instructor of this method and got the idea of how useful this method would be in Dnipro.

The Direct Method (based on the Callan Method) we use is designed to learn and speak English fluently in a quarter of the time it takes by other methods. At English Direct our books have been newly updated and now include American and British English, improved grammar explanations and grammar translations. In addition, our grammar exercise books let you practice what you learn during the different levels.

The Method is popular with students and schools all over the world because it’s fast and effective, because it’s lively and enjoyable, and because the lessons involve constant listening and speaking practice. Making it possible for students to learn English very quickly.

In our classroom there is no audio to listen to, no cards or papers given out by the teacher. We don’t put students together to make small dialogues between them.

Forget about boring textbook lessons! Our lessons are based on the exercise of live and real interaction between the teacher and student. Through this interaction your English knowledge is developed.

In an English Direct lesson words are spoken in English at the rate of 200 to 240 words a minute. Which means you will have more speaking practice in 1 hour compared to 2 or 3 hours of other English learning methods.

For all these reasons this direct method is much faster than traditional methods and is able to reduce the time necessary to learn English fluently!

I look forward to meeting you at my school.

Contact us to schedule a demonstration lesson and to be tested for your level.

And remember, the more you speak the more you learn!

Student Expectations:

1. 80% attendance.

2. Arrive on time for the class.

3. Speak in English with classmates before and after class.

4. Actively participate in class activities (conversation, reading, dictation).

5. Keep both your mind and speech in English during the lesson.

6. Review outside of class.

7. Maintain the progress of the group.

8. Passing score is a minimum of 70% on stage tests.

Speak more,
Learn more!


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