About Method

You may have studied grammar at school for many years but still find understanding and speaking English difficult, or you may be a complete beginner. Whatever your level is, this fun, fast method will really help you:

  • understand spoken English
  • become fluent
  • be more confident when you speak English
  • improve your pronunciation

English Direct Courses focus on:

Speed: the lessons are taught at a fast speed. This quickly improves your confidence and speaking skills.

Correction: you will listen and speak for most of the lesson and all your mistakes will instantly be corrected by the teacher.

Repetition: the lessons are taught through constant repetition and revision of the grammar and vocabulary studied in the book.

The courses are designed to improve your speaking, listening and pronunciation. The lessons immerse you in English with rapid questions and answers which improve your understanding. After a short time, you will start thinking and speaking directly in English!

The lessons are held from the beginning at a realistic speed, allowing you no time to think and translate into your native language (with adequate speed for your level).

The teacher’s extra speed prevents boredom, makes the student concentrate, hear more words repeated more times and, of course, learn faster. As a result, it is easier for students to understand English outside of the classroom.

Constant correction of your mistakes, by a native English speaking teacher, greatly improves your pronunciation and confidence when speaking.

New vocabulary and grammar are taught and practiced each day so that you quickly build up your knowledge of words and phrases. More advanced grammar and vocabulary are taught as you move through the levels, as well as important idioms and phrasal verbs.

There is a lot of revision; so there is no need to worry if you do not understand or remember everything the first time. Each student has a book with audio and can continue learning and reviewing at home.

You will also have some reading and writing in the lessons, so you practice all four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing). 

Written and oral exams are taken at the end of each level, so it is easy to follow your progress.

The method we use is statistically four times more effective than other English learning methods!

You will learn to speak English accurately!

Tips For Each Student:

1. Do the revision exercises when the book says at the end of a lesson.

2. Use the MP3s to read along with and to practice writing sentences heard.

3. Listen to the teacher with both your ears and EYES during questions.

4. Make notes after class NOT during the lesson.

5. Do an extra review and look at the "new work" after class.

6. Look for extra readings in English and extra writing when you feel confident in the class material, using the phrases and grammar taught.

7. Take advantage of opportunities to communicate in English in any situation.

Speak more,
Learn more!


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